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January 21, 2021
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January 23, 2021

Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements | Beeville, TX

Moore Street Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements:

The facility improvements and expansion of the Moore Street Wastewater Treatment Plant include but are not limited to: new headworks, new lift station, upgrades to aeration associated pumps and piping, and other necessary appurtenances. The installation of new headworks upgrades including expansion of concrete structure, addition of concrete channels, stairs/steps, handrails, one rotary drum bar screen with two manual bar screen bypass system, new grit removal equipment, concrete structure improvements, and all required equipment for tie-ins to existing force mains. The lift station shall be installed that include 6’x6’x1’ thickness 8 inch curbed septic haulers drop off pad with 8 inch pvc pipe with ‘P’ Trap and discharge into the Lift Station. The key objective is to install the headworks, lift station, emergency stormwater pump station, control panels, and new electrical control room (ECR) flow meters.