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January 24, 2021
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January 27, 2021

Street Maintenance | Floresville, TX

2020 Street Maintenance Program, Floresville, TX:

Reconstruction of G Street, F Street, 3rd Street, 2nd Street & Railroad Street, in Floresville, TX. The purpose is to identify the existing pavement sections, determine the underlying subgrade conditions and construction pavement improvements to reconstruct the roadways. These services include advancing borings at the selected locations and performing laboratory testing. Testing and/or inspection of soil and rock is necessary in engineering design and construction. The investigation and evaluation of the existing pavement and subgrade conditions reported herein is considered sufficient in detail and scope to form a reasonable basis to prepare the pavement reconstruction recommendations. Work summary of the existing pavement constituent thicknesses and results of the Dynamic Cone Penetrometer tests. The key objective is to incorporate proper drainage for the adequate performance of pavements, sidewalks, and street improvements.