Beeville Chase Field
January 17, 2021
Rose Peak Phase I
January 15, 2021

Ocean Circle Beach | South Padre Island, TX

Ocean Circle Beach Access Improvements (Beach Access #2), South Padre Island, TX:

Improvements of the Ocean Circle Beach Access #2 took place in one of the public beach access walkover including the improvements and structures. The installments for this project required cutting, boring, chasing, patching steel sheet pile, and concrete repair. The focus in this project was construction of a brick paver parking lot with concrete sidewalk and a new public timber walkover structure with ADA hand railing and improvements. All excavation for storm or sanitary sewers, sewers structures appurtenances and connections, utility pipe and conduits, and all in compliance with the locations, lines, and grades. Class A concrete was used to construct the curb ramps that were 36 inches, paving the parking lot, sidewalks, and the concrete repair in the job site.




August 2017